Four Keys to Show Business Success

You, as an emerging performer should consider various careers in the entertainment business. Too often we get caught up in the excitement of the show and forget it is a fascinating business. It’s a rough business, but to be good at what you want, anything you choose requires skill, mental toughness and dedication. Too often we become enamored of being in the spotlight and forget how much fun it is to run the spotlight, or to be a stage manager, or a director, or a manager of performers.


One of the main keys to unlocking all your possibilities in the entertainment business is to volunteer whenever you can. Work backstage, in a manager’s office as an intern, work props, help as a dresser, or a hundred other tasks. This way, you’re not investing money but you are learning the business. At the same time you are providing valuable service for the arts and finding out what makes your heart beat faster.


Not only will you learn the business by volunteering, but you will be doing the most important thing anyone can do in the pursuit of any dream you have; you will be networking. One of my students made me laugh – he said the reason why he hates networking is it contains the word work. I think that’s a misnomer. You can change you perception if we think of networking as:

  • Developing our listening skills
  • Sharing who we are with others
  • Exchanging information that might help someone else

This has a boomerang effect. You may not get valuable information from that same person with whom you share, but the friend of that person may have a contact or information for you. None of us have achieved anything sitting alone in a solitary cave.


Before I came to New York City I was a very big fish in the South Florida area as I had put myself through college by doing a one-woman show on Miami Beach. By the time I auditioned for an agent here in New York I had already been performing onstage for 15 years. It is vitally important that we create opportunities to perform because unless we perform we cannot call ourselves performers. Unless we sing we cannot call ourselves singers. Unless I write, I am not a writer.

 Get Help

Sharing your work, what you learn & your success is invaluable. Support is essential. I would not have had a successful career if it was not for a wonderful woman named Lee A. Olsen of Palm Beach, who was my mentor and believed in me and supported me in every way possible. She visited me when I was studying in Milano and shared all the big events of my life. She changed my life.  Sharing my success and discoveries with her encouraged me to be more proactive. It is difficult to find job opportunities but it is also possible to create job opportunities.

Be Proactive

Why not take two or three people and go to an old age home and perform for those forgotten folks. I cannot tell you how much it enriched my life and opened my heart to do that for the aged. Music and performance enlivens them. You could video these performances and put them on YouTube and design your own channel.

Here is a very inspiring young lady.  a perfect example of someone creating an opportunity for themselves.

Be proactive, volunteer, ask for help, network and keep performing and you will evolve into all you can be.


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