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PERFORMANCE CAREER BLUEPRINT was designed especially for you, the emerging performing artist. It contains step by step guidance for a successful career and power performance. 30+ years of immediately usable experience are condensed into 90 days! You have three different programs to choose from. What will work for you?

GET REAL (Modules 1-4)
  • Who am I? Lay the foundation for a thriving career, clarify and define who you are and why you perform.
  • Your one page business plan will align your dreams with reality.
  • What do I Offer? Evaluates your mental toughness and what you offer the professional world.
  • How to Control Fear, teaches you to control your stage fright and focus and transform it into performing energy.
  • Brand Yourself identifies your target market and develops your unique qualities so you stand out from the crowd.

GET CLEAR (Modules 5-8)

  • Your Online Presence guides you in refining your website as your global calling card. Use social media well and present your brand.
  • How to Audition helps you organize and present your talent and skills as a consummate professional.
  • How to Find a Job will redefine your networking skills and introduce you to far more creative ways to search for jobs.
  • Power performance gives you immediately usable skills to raise your level of performance to professional consistency.
  • You will find additional clarity and focus, and accomplish more in less time.

GET GOING (Modules 9-12)

  • How to Get an Agent prepares you for auditions or you will know exactly what steps you need to get ready.
  • Plan B takes you out-of-the-box and has you look at your life and career from a much broader perspective. Caution, it can transform your life!
  • Feast or Famine Finance is a performer’s guide to manage fluctuating finances.
  • 90 day Wrap-Up. Not only will you feel your progress, you will be able to track your progress in your detailed workbook. It’s your personal map from where you were, to where you are now – ready to launch!

Package Details Performance Success No Biz Like Show Biz Ready for your Close-Up
[tooltip title=”” content=”Module 1 – Who am I?
Module 2 – What do I Offer?
Module 3 – How to Control Fear
Module 4 – Brand Yourself
Module 5 – Your Online Presence
Module 6 – How to Audition
Module 7 – How to Find Jobs
Module 8 – Power Performance
Module 9 – How to Get an Agent
Module 10 – Plan B
Module 11 – Feast/Famine Finance
Module 12 – 90 Day Wrap-up” type=”classic” ]12 Class Modules[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”Exercises and charts for each module will deepen your learning and accelerate your results. Your workbook will become an invaluable guide for your professional life.” type=”classic”]Workbook for each module[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”12 live tele-seminars with Adria for each module. Ask the questions you want and get the answers you need.” type=”classic”]12 Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”Give yourself the advantage of one on one individual coaching on Skype – it will supercharge your results.” type=”classic”]3 Hours of Private Coaching[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”This evaluation will personally guide you to getting the most out of your website – your unique global calling card.” type=”classic”]Website Evaluation[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”This is your meeting ground to exchange ideas, information and resources. It gives new meaning to you are not alone – you’re not. (Coming soon!)” type=”classic”]Online PCB Forum[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”Added benefits, interviews, reports and resources provide a rich source of valuable information in addition to your actual course material.” type=”classic”]Access to Members Area & Resources[/tooltip]
[tooltip title=”” content=”There is no risk to you. If this program doesn’t work for you, contact us within 60 days and you will receive a full refund.” type=”classic”]60 Day Money Back Guarantee[/tooltip]
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