Are you a performing artist?
At last, a class designed just for you.

Hi, it’s Adria,

For over 30 years I have done what you want to do. I traveled the world as a successful working singer and actor (from Carmen to Family Guy).

The beginning of my career was tough, and like many performers, it was feast or famine – mostly famine – for many years.

I wanted to give up many times but something inside kept telling me there was a better way.

Eventually I developed key business skills & survival methods that changed my professional and personal life forever.

After learning and applying these skills, my attitude changed, my business methods changed and I was booked for months at a time, season after season.

Now I teach performance & voice at a university.  I see students graduate with great technical skills but no knowledge of the business of show business. It’s exactly the same as when I was your age and starving!

I had to stop this endless cycle. So I designed an online class that includes live coaching for your specific needs. I don’t want you to waste years developing survival methods and business skills. I have condensed my experience into 90 days. You will spend 2 hours per week with me for 3 solid months!

Here are some of the benefits you will receive from this class AND most important of all, the live online coaching sessions:

GET REAL (Modules 1-4)
  • Who am I? Lay the foundation for a thriving career, clarify and define who you are and why you perform.
  • Your one page business plan will align your dreams with reality.
  • What do I Offer? Evaluates your mental toughness and what you offer the professional world.
  • How to Control Fear, teaches you to control your stage fright and focus and transform it into performing energy.
  • Brand Yourself identifies your target market and develops your unique qualities so you stand out from the crowd.

GET CLEAR (Modules 5-8)

  • Your Online Presence guides you in refining your website as your global calling card: use social media well and present your brand.
  • How to Audition helps you organize and present your talent and skills as a consummate professional.
  • How to Find a Job will redefine your networking skills and introduce you to far more creative ways to search for jobs.
  • Power performance gives you immediately usable skills to raise your level of performance to professional consistency.
  • You will find additional clarity and focus, and accomplish more in less time.

GET GOING (Modules 9-12)

  • How to Get an Agent prepares you for auditions so you will know exactly what steps you need to get ready.
  • Plan B takes you out-of-the-box and has you look at your life and career from a much broader perspective. Caution, it can transform your life!
  • Feast or Famine Finance is a performer’s guide to manage fluctuating finances.
  • 90 day Wrap-Up. Not only will you feel your progress, you will be able to track your progress in your detailed workbook. It’s your personal map from where you were, to where you are now – ready to launch!


You will have a 60 minute class (online webinar) each week for 90 days, AND you will also have a one-hour live group call with me each week. You can ask questions and get specific, personal, life-changing answers.

All calls & webinars will be available to listen to at any time.




  • Personal Guidance: I walk you through EVERY STEP of being a successful performer, artist & business owner.
  • Professional Edge: You will develop focus and balance.
  • Control: Gain control over fear and desperation.
  • Power Performance: Techniques for professional consistency.
  • Transform your Earning Power: put more money in your pocket.


I don’t believe in the starving artist stereotype. I designed this class as a direct response to your needs – the emerging artists. Every time I speak, you come up to me and ask, “When are you going to write a book?” I did, but it didn’t give you live access to my years of experience. When you asked, “How can I work with you?” I condensed 30+ years’ experience into a 90-day online class and I can answer your individual questions.

PERFORMANCE CAREER BLUEPRINT is here; it’s what you asked for AND it won’t break the bank.

If you are a singer, instrumentalist, actor, director, dancer or techie, whatever your performance specialty – this class is for you. Our first class is here and I only have a few slots left!


Coaching with Adria has helped me immeasurably in clarifying and identifying my goals and priorities. It was a surprise to me to be able to quickly remove self-directed barriers and take risks to achieve things I didn’t think were possible. . . I remember the amazement and lightness I felt when I realized that I really wanted something different than what I’ve been telling myself and everyone else.
~ Diane de Zylva, voice actor, Sydney, Australia



Click here now and enroll in the unique PERFORMANCE CAREER BLUEPRINT. There is no other class out there that is all about you, the emerging performing artist.


This class is NOT for you if:

  • You think the responsibility for a career belongs to someone else, not you.
  • You want someone else to do the demanding work of becoming a fine artist.
  • You’re content to stay on the sidelines, playing invisible.
  • You’re content to dream with no plans for making that dream a reality.
  • You prefer to stay small – the idea of BEING ALL YOU CAN BE is just too scary!
  • You think being a starving artist is romantic.

This class IS for you if:

  • You feel it’s time to make your dreams reality.
  • You want to get unstuck and create a concrete plan for success.
  • You’re ready to be well paid for what you LOVE to do.
  • You want to know what else is possible for your talent and abilities.
  • The title ‘starving artist’ doesn’t suit you at all!

So, are you ready to make the leap into the professional ring and experience your professional transformation?

If you ARE ready, click here now and join the next class.

How much does this class cost?

Right now? Less than a university class and far less than your lessons. There is no other class designed specifically for you and the business of show business. You have 3 different class levels to choose from.


for 90 days of professional transformation & practical, expert guidance, 12 hours of class PLUS 12 hours of LIVE phone coaching!

That is less than $20.70 per session with a world class expert.

Ask me about a payment plan.

Want to Do-It-Yourself with no coaching? Special Introductory Offer, $97.




For one-on-one private coaching with me I have a very limited third package available.

I look forward to working with each of you, 


P.S. Hitch your dreams to reality. It’s not enough to have talent; you need self-knowledge, marketing skills and mental toughness. Get the tools for your success right now!

P. P. S. With my 60 day money back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It is a wonderful perspective on life and singing. I really loved the discussion of musical theater and classical singing, as I am, and have been, a crossover. I want tele-seminars workshops and webinars!

~ Sean Clancy, NATS seminar

I especially appreciated how much you emphasized the need to know yourself, your fach and that even though it is your passion, treat it as your business. Because it is an investment and one in which I would like to succeed. Thank you!

~ Daveda Brown, NATS seminar 

This class was enlightening on the realistic aspects of being a musician and finding work. It taught us to be open to all job opportunities and to changing our mission and vision as we grow and develop. Workshops would be great especially on body image when presenting yourself on performing.

~ Christopher Hochstuhl, ZEBRA seminar 

You have inspired me to take more risk. Immeasurable wisdom packed into two hours.

~ Terrie S. Sanders, Northwestern University 

Ha!!! This goes beyond help – it’s been a complete awakening. Thanks for LOTS of help… including the self-esteem to apply all of it.

~ J. Belgard, Singapore